Intervention Team: Primary

OAT London also provides interventions for primary schools across RBKC, WCC and H&F, to support the inclusion of learners whose behaviour is causing concern.

The Intervention Team: Primary (ITP) is made up of experienced, specialist teachers and highly skilled learning support professionals. They offer support to schools in all aspects of behaviour for learning and in developing their understanding of SEMH (social, emotional and mental health) and the possible impact on behaviour. They use a Behaviour for Learning framework and an integrated approach to help teachers understand the behaviour, clarify their concerns and plan for change. Their work is informed by developmental trauma, nurture and attachment aware approaches.

They offer a range of interventions to support individual learners, whole classes, teachers, support staff and whole school staff.

  • Support can be requested at any stage from early intervention through to serious cause for concern.
  • Referrals can be for individual learners or whole classes from reception to Year 6. Support is also available for Year 6 learners transitioning to Year 7.
  • Referral forms should be completed by the class teacher in conjunction with the SENCo/inclusion manager.
  • Parental/carer consent must be obtained by the school for all individual referrals.

To obtain a referral form please email Germana Kerr at Completed referrals should be sent to

If you wish to discuss a possible referral please email Lynne Blake at

Level 1 intervention
Information gathering (observations), feedback, assessment and recommendations.

Level 2 intervention
Information gathering (observations), feedback, joint intervention planning, monitoring and review.

Level 3 intervention
Information gathering (observations), feedback, joint intervention planning, implementation support or direct work with the individual learner/whole class, monitoring and review.

The ITP will decide the appropriate level of ITP intervention: L1, L2 or L3. This may also be dependent on capacity. L3 interventions will run for 6-8 weeks.

  • Allocation and initial meeting
  • Information gathering and assessment (this may include observations)
  • Joint intervention planning (ITP and the referring school)
  • Implementation and monitoring of the intervention plan for 6–8 weeks
  • Joint review
  • Evaluation

ITP (Bi-Borough)

Referral form

ITP (Hammersmith and Fulham)

Referral form


Germana Kerr
Business support professional
Tel: 020 3108 0358


Lynne Blake
Lead teacher, RBKC & WCC
Specialist teacher (SEMH & behaviour)

Divina Aleksic
Specialist teacher (SEMH & behaviour)

Debby Celestine-Charles
Specialist teacher (SEMH & behaviour)

Jeneve Mitchell
Learning support professional

Hammersmith and Fulham

Portia Dujon
Specialist teacher (SEMH & behaviour)

Denise Baitson
Learning support professional