Pupil Premium

In OAT London academies the amount of Pupil Premium allocated for 2017–21 is:


Across OAT London academies the Pupil Premium is used to raise attainment. Examples of the ways in which it is being used in 2020–21 include:

  • Funding additional holiday tuition classes
  • Funding laptops
  • Funding additional access to revision applications and learning platforms
  • Funding individual tutors and interventions
  • Funding enrichment activities
  • Funding period 7 lessons

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic individual academies have been allocated £240 per pupil support learner catch up.

AcademyTotal allocation

This is being used in a variety of ways across our academies including:

  • Supplementing the NTP to deliver tutoring to learners in English, maths and science.
  • Developing the virtual online offer to support learners, self-isolating and also as a platform for homework
  • Investing in improving technology to support access to the online platform
  • Fixed term TLR for IT lead
  • Launching maths programs at KS3 and KS4, to support gaps in maths
  • Reading and Literacy interventions at primary
  • Mentoring around behaviour for Learning
  • Exam preparation and practice

Pupil Premium reports for each academy